Walking through narrow streets and hidden little squares between the Carrera del Darro and the Alhambra, you will find one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Granada: the Mirador de la Churra.

Mirador de la churra in Granada

Located in the area that bears its name, it is one of the most unknown viewpoints of the city. By the way, nobody can deny that it is one of those who give incredible views of the Albaicín neighborhood, whose typical white houses turn orange at sunset.


Indeed, the sunset is the ideal time of the day to enjoy this almost secret place, frequented only by the few tourists who find it or by those people from Granada who have discovered its beauty and take advantage of its magic to relax looking at the sun fading away, maybe eating snacks and drinking beer.


Getting to this viewpoint is easier than you can imagine. Ascending the Cuesta Gomérez from Plaza Nueva, after a few meters, you will have to turn left towards Placeta de la Miga and then turn right towards Calle Almanzora. At the end of this road, you will find the Mirador de la Churra, from which you can take memorable photos.




Ph. Luca Sarti