Sacromonte: a must-see neighbourhood in Granada



The history of Sacromonte neighbourhood begins with the capture of Granada and the decree of expulsion of the Moors and Jews signed by the Catholic Monarchs in the 16th century.

The area of the Albaicín soon became practically empty and, as a result, many gypsies began to populate what is now known as Sacromonte. Thus, the neighbourhood began to be populated by humble artists who decided to build their houses by digging them out of the mountains. This is how the renowned caves of Sacromonte were born.

They are the symbol of Sacromonte and today not only by gypsies but also by Spaniards live there.

What is the curiosity?

Nowadays many of the caves are used for flamenco shows. Flamenco represents a popular artistic expression that has its origins in the region of Andalusia.

In more detail, these shows take place in the zambras. The zambra represents both a form of flamenco that is danced here in Granada and the cave in which the show takes place.

As far as the flamenco danced in the zambras in Granada is concerned, there are some differences compared to other styles danced in other parts of the world and Spain. Here the women do not usually wear high heels, but dance with bare feet that touch the ground directly. It is a dance that is a little bit like belly dancing in its movements, but with a more sensual touch.

Do you want to see a unique flamenco show?

If you do not want to miss a flamenco show that will make you dream, we advise you to book through our institute this real show that takes place in one of the most famous caves in Sacromonte, that is zambra María la Castañera.

From iNMSOL we invite you to participate in this event if your intention is to immerse yourself in the Andalusian culture, you won’t regret it!


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