Today, Friday, September 27 is a great day for our city and for Europe. Almost 400 cities in 30 European countries will celebrate the “European Night of Researchers” for the seventh consecutive year. It will be a night of leisure and culture, where adults and children will discover how men and women do science. iNMSOL will explain what it is and what we are going to do.

Here in Granada you can enjoy the night at the Paseo del Salón, where many activities, workshops, demonstrations and shows will take place; The Universities of Granada, the Andalusian Public Progress and Health Foundation, the Lopez-Neyra Institute of Parasitology and Biomedicine are three of all the organizations that stand out in this event.

Noche europea de los investigadores

Among all the topics that are going to be touched there are social sciences, history, art, environment, earth sciences, philosophy, medicine, biology, archeology, new technologies, philology, engineering, architecture and others, distributed in different schedules so that can be accessible to all who are interested.

The main objective is to “bring science and people who investigate the general public closer together, demonstrate in a practical and playful way the relationship between research and everyday life, and disseminate scientific studies among young people”.

For this reason it is recommendable to go and participate in the activities that you like and enjoy a different night in our city, one of the most beautiful and cultural Andalusian capitals.

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