If you are a teacher of Spanish as a second language and you’d like to come to Spain to take a teacher training course, you have to know that you have the chance to get a scholarship from the European Commission!!
At Instituto Mediterráneo Sol you can take a Teacher course that is recognized as a Grundtvig activity; this means that this scholarship is for those who teach to adults.

Details of this course:

  • REFERENCE CODE:  ES-2014-385-001
  •  4 hours of 60 minutes/day
  • Maximum number of students per class: 8
  • Price includes: Classes, certificate, activity program, Alhambra ticket entrance.
  • Price: 730 euros
  • Date for the next Spring session: March 10th, 2014
  • Deadline for applying to the National Agency of every country: SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2013

The Training Course for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language is for those teachers who have a Spanish level between intermediate and advanced. According to this level, the student can choose between 3 options:

  • Option A:

For teachers with an independent use of the language (B1- Threshold), who wish to improve their grammatical and cultural skills aiming at Spanish teaching.

  • Option B:

For teachers with an independent use of the language (B1-Threshold and B2 – Advanced), who wish to improve their grammatical, teaching and cultural skills for the Spanish teaching. It’s also directed to all those who wish to get into knowledges, skills, techniques and instruments to start the professional Spanish teaching.

  • Option C:

For teachers with an independent use of the language (C1- Total Control), who wish to know about or improve all aspects of applied didactics and extend their knowledge about culture and traditions in Spain.
Before starting the course, the student will receive:

  • Daily course sequencing according to the option chose
  • Contents of the didactic and culture of the course
  • More detailed Level Test in order to know the exact grammatical level of the student
  • Form requirements, in order to know the needs and worries of the student learning Spanish


It’s a General Training Course for:

  • Non-native Spanish teachers with professional experience and a skill level from B1.
  • Non-native people, who wish to become familiar with the didactics of Spanish as a Second Language with professional goals.

Therefore, the aims of this course are:

  • Improve the knowledge of the Spanish language
  • Become familiar with basic conceptual and methodological aspects for the Spanish teaching
  • Analyze the roles of teachers and students in the process of teaching/learning
  • Identify the general objectives and the contents of learning
  • Offer a forum for debate on current issues of Spain
  • Deepening socio-cultural aspects of Spain

So, what do you have to do to get the scholarships for spanish teachers? Just visit your national agency website or contact them and you’ll get all the necessary documents.

Don’t lose this chance and come to take a teacher training course at iNMSOL!!

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