In April, just like every year, Santa Fe celebrates the Anniversary of the Capitulations, the document signed on April the 17th, 1492, between the Catholic Monarchs, King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile, and the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, starting the discovery of the New World.



From Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th, the small town has been consecrated once again as the cultural center of the Vega de Granada, thanks to the commemoration of the 526th anniversary of one of the most important historical moments not only for Spain, but for the entire world.


For three days, together with its inhabitants, Santa Fe has taken a step back in time with a truly typical cultural program, starting with the Grand Parade of the Royal Courtship of the Capitulations, followed by medieval dances in Plaza de España, performances by street artists, explanatory talks and exhibitions, such as simulations of fights or the flight of birds of prey, which have enchanted children and adults.

Furthermore, the protagonist of the event has also been the XIX edition of the Medieval Market, a market of handicrafts and street food stalls, where the locals sell their products dressed in medieval clothes, attracting excited visitors undecided about what to buy and what to eat. Indeed, there is plenty of choice, both for desserts and for food: from the piononos, the traditional sweets of Santa Fe, to caramel apples and churros; from the various typical sandwiches with sausages or fish to the roasted potatoes, to finish with a good glass of sangria.

Finally, on this occasion, in Plaza José Martí, the XXVII Music of the Worlds Festival was held, with the participation of groups such as the Apache, Los Aslándticos, Rockopolis and La Plazuelatechá, to conclude what has been an amazing event that already awaits you in April next year!


Ph. Luca Sarti

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