Many times we want to do an autumn afternoon. Now, because of the cold, we don’t want to get out of the house. iNMSOL as always, have an idea for you! If you like to take a relaxing bath and enjoy a massage done by professionals, you will definitely have a great time in the Arab baths.

Arab baths, which are also known as hammams, play an important role in the cultures of the Middle East, where they were used as a meeting point for them or a ritual of hygiene. Their extraordinary architecture, decorated domes, rooms divided by corridors, Arabic decorations, mosaics, fountains, flowers and scents of essence, give a mysterious and relaxing touch.


The process of taking a bath, starts with a relaxation in a hot room with warm air and after that, a moving to an even warmer room before diving into a pool with cold water. Currently, there are many offers that give you the opportunity to choose a suitable bathroom for yourself.

Remember only that with the student card, you have a discount on Hammam Al Andalus Granada by making the reservation from our office.

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