Corpus Christi festivals in Granada… And the Feria 2015 has arrived! Granada’s most popular celebration, the Corpus Christi’s Festivals, will take place from the 30th of May till the 6th of June around the city.

Flamenco workshops, art’s exhibitions, tapas’ contests or music gigs, are some of the activities that you can join throughout the different hot spots of these celebrations. Have a nice walk around Granada’s city center during the feria de día (daytime party); do not miss la Tarasca’s Parade on Wednesday, taste the yummy tapas as you enjoy the sunny weather. Check out the decorated balconies and the dressed up ladies in their stunning gitana’s dresses! The atmosphere is just amazing, and you will enjoy an unforgettable festival while attending your Spanish course.

So don’t forget that Thursday the 4th of June, Corpus Christi’s Day, is a bank holiday in Granada, and Instituto Mediterráneo Sol will remain closed, as well as all public services and commerce of the city. You will be able to enjoy the religious parade on that morning then.

Have a great week!

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