The festival was first celebrated in Granada in the XVII century, when an alabaster cross was erected in 1625 in the district of San Lázaro, and all the locals celebrated by singing and dancing around it.

In the early 20th century, the children of the Albaicín and Realejo neighbourhoods set up little altars with Crosses in the streets and adorned them with embroidered shawls, ceramics, copper pots, and a pair of scissors stuck in an apple.The children begged onlookers for a chavico, which is the local name for a small coin known as an ochavo.

Many of these traditions live on to this day. One of them is the placing somewhere in the decorations of the Cross of an apple with a pair of scissors inserted into it. This is done so as to try to avoid any criticism that might be made of the decoration of the Cross.

On this joyous day it is common to find all over Granada women and children wearing the typical andalusian dress. Also beautiful andalusian horses will parade in the streets.

Every year the City Council runs a competition to promote this tradition, in which there are four categories: streets and squares, patios (courtyards), schools and shop windows.

The best viewpoints of every section are:

In the section streets and squares:

  • Avenida Sacromonte-Valparaíso en la Placeta de Puente Mariano
  • Restaurante Chikito en la Plaza Campillo
  • Cofradía Nuestro Padre del Perdón y Aurora en Plaza San Miguel Bajo (there is also bar)
  • Asociación de Comerciantes Campo del Príncipe en Campo del Príncipe
  • Elda Factory en C/Ángel Ganivet
  • Hermandad de N.P Jesús Nazareno y Nª. St. Madre de la Merced en Plaza Luis Rosales (there is also bar)

In the section of patios:

  • Patio de los Perfumes S.L en Carrera del Darro
  • Asociación Provincial de Mayores Vecinales de Granada en C/ San Matías
  • Hermandad de Estudiantes en Plaza Universidad
  • Orden Hospitalaria San Juan de Dios, Centro San Rafael en C/ San Juan de Dios

In the section of schools:

  • AMPA Virgen de las Angustias (Centro Escolar) en Carrera de la Virgen, 42
  • Hermandad Jesús Despojado en San Antón (Colegio Genil) (there is also bar)
  • Real Cofradía Sta. María de la Alhambra en Avenida Andalucía, 10
  • Acción en Red Andalucía en Callejón de las Campañas (there is also bar)

In the section of shop windows:

  • Café Bar Los Arcos en C/ San Jerónimo, 31
  • Floristería Nenúfar en Plaza del Triunfo, 12
  • Tejidos Buenos Aires en C/ Mesones, 27