The Corpus Christi festival in Granada is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events of the year. During the week, activities of high quality, are offered in several places of the city.

Below we give you the information of the most interesting activities of May 23, of Official program of the Corpus of Granada 2016:

At 13:00 in the lounge part-sessions of the City Council, you can listen to the Official Pregon Corpus 2016 parties in charge of José Luis Delgado López, who is Professor of History. We also advise you not to miss the Municipal Band of music from the director Angel Carreño that will play at 21:00 in the Plaza de las Pasiegas.

In the week of Corpus, Granada decorate the balconies and the windows with the flags, flowers, hangings, shawls, tapestry etc., and consequently several competitions are realized to reward the best adornment.The ornated balconies and windows can be seen in the historical center of the city: Mesones Street, Catholic Kings, Gran Via, Plaza de las Paseigas, Plaza Bib-rambla etc.

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