Hello to everyone!

Do you know that tomorrow begins the most popular party in Granada?

What are we talking about? For the Corpus fair of course!

The Corpus fair is the largest and most popular festival in the city of Granada. It starts on a Saturday night and lasts a whole week, until the following Saturday, and it ends with fireworks shows. The best way to know the beginning of the fair, is counting 60 days after the Monday of Easter. This fair is more than 500 years old and there are so many traditions such as the one that people dressed in typical regional costumes, bullfights, processions and public and private booths in the Fair, where people can enjoy the atmosphere from the party.

Every Wednesday at the fair, mid-morning, Tarasca, a model who wears clothes that will be fashionable the following season, wanders around the city on the back of a dragon that seems to be lying at his feet. The Tarascan, it can be said, is the paganist counterpoint to the religious festival.

The big party of Granada is organized around Thursday, leaving out the Corpus Christi, day in which the whole city crowds to the streets to contemplate the procession of the Holy Sacrament of the altar.

From Tuesday to Sunday you can even see the bullfighting shows, which is one of the most famous and ancient traditions of Spain.

We will detail more information about the fair that starting next week, on our iNMSOL blog.


Good start to the fair!


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