Everyone knows that the city of the Alhambra has a lot of charm and many events and celebrations. However, the most important of all is the Feria de Granada.

Also known as the Corpus, one of the most expected moments for locals and tourists who are visiting, this year the fair begins on May the 26th with the lighting, the night when the city is filled with many lights, and ends on June the 2nd, with the fireworks castle.

As every year, throughout a week, many events, festivals, workshops and performances take place in the city center, for adults and for children, but the most significant days are undoubtedly Wednesday and Thursday. Indeed, on Wednesday, starting at 12pm, the traditional parade of the Tarasca, with giants and big heads, goes out, while Thursday is the day of the religious procession of Corpus Christi (at 10:15 am), and the altars contest.

As often happens in many cities of Andalusia, in addition to the events organized in the city center, the fair takes place mainly in the fairground, which is located outside the center, since it takes a lot of space to house a large number of stands and attractions. This year the fair will have a total of 78 casetas, almost 170 attractions, a parking for 2,000 vehicles, special bus lines, and the subway will offer 24-hour service, throughout Thursday and Friday of this special week.

For more information about the program of the Feria de Granada 2018, click here.


If you stay in Granada during this amazing week, do not miss this event that allow you to enjoy the city in a very special different way!

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