Hello everyone! iNMSOL  wants to inform you that the 2nd of May  there will be no lessons because we celebratethe Labor Day and it is a national bank holiday.

On May 3, 2016 takes place in Granada one of the most popular festival with roots in Andalusia: Día de la Cruz (day of the Cross). During these days, the streets, squares, courtyards and even windows of the city are decorated and filled with wonderful altars in honor of the Holy Cross. This festival, which each year attracts thousands of visitors from all over Spain, has pagan origins and Christians.

It seems that the first celebration in Granada of Día de la Cruz was in the seventeenth century. In 1625 it became an alabaster Cruz in the district of San Lazaro and all locals celebrated by singing and dancing with her.

Then he continued the tradition in the most typical neighborhoods of the Albaicin and the Realejo, and children began to build small altars decorated with Manila shawls, pottery and copper.

On the Día de la Cruz in Granada is common to find children and adults dressed in flamenco dresses enjoying the crosses, traditionally made with carnations throughout the city.

Neighborhood associations, confraternities, schools, including City Hall organize their own Cruz and compete to capture all eyes.

Throughout history the festivity has suffered various ups and downs, with it’s almost disappearance after the ban to raise money for the crosses in 1883; thanks to the tradition remained in the private sector for many years, began to emerge from 1924 and was finally reinstated on the calendar of the city as a big day from 1964.