The serie of jazz concerts, which will last until the end of August, starts tonight at Plaza de las Culturas. Fans of music, therefore, can enjoy the melody of several bands throughout the summer. In addition, all of the artists will play in the heart of Granada under the open sky.

Plaza de las Culturas will host a group from Granada Four Runners led by the pianist Darío Moreno tonight. Listeners will be presented a new project created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the band. It represents mainly a tribute to the famous American group Yellowjackets, however, also includes  group´s own topics.

Jazz en la plaza
Four Runners inaugurates the festival called Jazz in the square (Jazz en la plaza) today at 22.30. Though, in this festival also will be heard Eva Jiménez Cuarteto, Supersax, Julio Falero Quintet and many more. The concerts take place at Plaza de las Culturas every Thursday at the same time. The entry is free until capacity is completed.

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