From iNMSOL we propose to all our students the visit to this interesting exhibition about Lorca in Granada, taking advantage of the proximity to our school. The exhibition organized by the City Hall of Granada, the Obra Social La Caixa and the EFE Agency, with the collaboration of the Lorca Center , will be located in the vicinity of Fuente de las Batallas, in the center of the Granada and will remain until June 20.

The exhibition with historical images of the Granadian poet consists of 18 black and white images from the EFE archive that translates through photography the artistic significance of Federico García Lorca through different tributes he received both in life and after his death.

Federico García Lorca’s life along with people related to his career becomes part of the city and has the role of reviewing some of the tributes he received during the last century from every areas of culture. The initiative is part of the commemorative events due to the centenary of his birth and culminated with the arrival of the writer’s legacy to the Lorca Center in Granada.

Most of the snapshots take the visitor to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, where the poet arrived in 1933 to give lectures on literature and attend the revival of Bodas de sangre. Lorca himself wrote about his time in the city: “Buenos Aires has something alive and personal; something full of dramatic heartbeat. I know there is nostalgia for Argentina, which I do not want to get rid of.” It cannot be forgotten the premiere in New York of Yerma and the lithographs with which Rafael Alberti illustrated in 1978 a commemorative edition of the 50th anniversary of Romancero gitano.

The graphic file of EFE gives us other interesting images for the memory, like the first homage in the democracy that they offered in Fuente Vaqueros, his native town.

The exhibition displays photographs of Federico along with creators and artists such as Rafael Alberti, María Teresa León, Lola Membrives, Eduardo Marquina, or with the actresses Aurora Bautista and Nuria Espert.

The most recent photograph, the only one that is not in black and white, is that of the book that makes up the poetic suite Ferias, published in Barcelona in 1997, with thirteen unpublished poems and several drawings.

The manager of the Lorca Center, Sara Navarro, has indicated that the exhibition reflects the international recognition and media impact that Lorca had when he left Granada. “A man of the world”.

During the presentation, the mayor of Granada, Francisco Cuenca, stressed that “we wanted to take to the streets and bring to the public the figure and work of our most universal poet” and that the exhibition allows us “a journey in the relationship of Lorca with the world”.


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