The Nativity scene is one of the Christmas traditions with more roots in Spain, in fact it is the decorative element that most characterizes Spanish Christmas. The Manger has its origin in the Middle Ages; a nativity scene was set up for the commemoration of the birth of the baby Jesus on Christmas Eve of 1223, when Saint Francis of Assisi decided to reproduce the Christian tradition in a cave near the hermitage of Greccio (Italy).
In Spain, the Nativity Scene arrives in the mid-eighteenth century, when Charles III of Bourbon became king of Spain. The king promoted the tradition of mounting the Nativity scene among the Spanish aristocracy and then this practice became a popular practice throughout Spain and Latin America.

The scene of the manger most represented is the Birth of the Child Jesus next to the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph; This scene is accompanied by two fundamental animals: the mule and the ox. The nativity scene next to the typical Christmas tree is assembled in homes, shops, churches and even streets where in some cities nativity scenes have been seen with real characters.
Each year the City of Granada organizes a contest of nativity scenes and confers several prizes to promote this tradition. Beautiful scenes of the Nativity are mounted in every corner of the city.
In Granada we can find cribs of all kinds, from the smallest to the largest and even cribs of great artistic value for the antiquity of their figures.


According to the opinion of some citizens, in the area of ​​Plaza Nueva, it is essential to visit the Bethlehem of the Museum of San Juan de Dios in the House of Pisa, first prize two years in a row in the historical mode.






Not far away is the first prize of this year in this modality: the nativity scene of the Brotherhood of the Via Crucis (San Juan de los Reyes Street, s / n)

When building a manger there are no rules that limit creativity, while respecting the symbols that represent their figures and landscapes. Nativity scenes often elicit admiration from friends and family, and new elements  are added every year.