The procession of the Corpus, which gives its name to the party, is the most important day of the week and is a holiday in Granada. The streets of the city are painted in many colors, covered with flowers and full of people who come to contemplate the procession.

The custody of Holy Sacramento of the Altar integrated in the procession of the Corpus Christi which departs at 10:15 am from the cathedral and runs through the main streets of the city center ending again in the cathedral. The procession of Granada is half gentile and half religious, since it is headed by the Tarascan and Giants and giant-headed figures. In the procession are presented all the brotherhoods of Granada, the clerical order, those who cure and priests, children who have celebrated the first communion in the same year and also the military authorities and representatives of the city.

Note: During the week of Corpus you have the opportunity to see in the Square of Bib-Rambla the Carocas that are limbs, accompanied by some drawings, which humorously reflect to the problems and events of the last year.




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