On February 22, the sixth edition of the International Festival of Classic Cinema of Granada begins, which will continue until the 2 of March. The Festival, called “Retroback“, began its celebration with an opening Gala, the same day at 8:30 p.m. under the music of the Ciudad de Granada Orchestra, with a concert of classical cinema music.

As every year the OCG gives a touch of distinction to the entire Festival: unlike previous years it will welcome Retroback with a superb repertoire of cinema.

The OCG will define the works of the first period of American classic cinema. The musical direction of the concerts is by José Luis Estellés, while the narrative voice is by Larisa Ramos, from The Jungle Book.

After the gala also, will follow the shows of classics like “Eve to the nude” , “The night of the iguana” or “Persona“.

Throughout the Festival, every day there will be a different argument for the projected films: that is, different categories that will be alternated day by day:

  • Celluloid Myths: Ava Gardner
  • Taxes: Luis Buñuel
  • Classics in black and white
  • Fantasies in black and white
  • Film noir
  • New black and white classics
  • Europe in black and white

Thus every day, you will be able to look at the most remarkable and most characteristic works of each category.

For example, Ava’s  Gardner films will be transmitted like “Crossing of destinies“, “Outlaws“, “55 days in Pekin“, “Seven days of May“, and more-  By Luis Buñuel “An Andalusian Dog“, “The Golden Age“, “Tristana“, and more. And it is the same for all categories.

Then, in addition to all the films, you can attend parallel activities, such as the inaugural concert, which are other activities that they make up the exhibition.

For example, yesterday there was a children’s exhibition of music and classic animation films, with projections of short films of classic animation and with the live music of the band “Potato Head Jazz Band”. So you can watch notable characters, like Betty Boo, who will move you to the rhythm of the best swing.

In conclusion, at the last day to the Isabel la Católica Theater, the festival will end with a fantastic closing performance, with another exhibition by the band “Potato Head Jazz Band”, which will approach the “Film Noir” and the swing of The 1920s in a black and white evening, in which they will be accompanied by the dancers Xavier and Ariadna, who are European and world champions of Indy Hop.

So, enjoy this extraordinary program!

(For more information, you can consult the website of the event: http://www.retroback.info/)

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