Taking a Spanish course in Granada for Christmas will be an experience you will never forget. You will have the opportunity to learn Spanish in a spectacular city practicing the language with native speakers. But, above all, you can discover the local culture and spend unforgettable Christmas!

Christmas is a very special time of the year in Granada. In each country we welcome you in very different ways. From one city to another or from one country to another we find very different traditional celebrations. Therefore, from iNMSOL we invite you to join an environment full of joy.

Give yourself a Spanish course and enjoy new and very special Christmas at the same time!

What better plan than a Spanish course in Granada for Christmas for your vacation?

In iNMSOL we offer you the possibility to study a Spanish course in Granada during your Christmas holidays. You can book your intensive group course or your individual Spanish classes if you have specific goals to achieve.

Also, our Spanish courses are complemented with activities and workshops. They will be the best complement for your tourist plan. You will learn Spanish and learn how Christmas is celebrated in Granada.

The Christmas season in Granada is a party of music, friendship, celebrations and meals. Therefore, spending a holiday here on these dates is essential. And if they are complemented by a Spanish course, better than better …

Curso de español en Granada para Navidad | iNMSOL


In iNMSOL we will remain open during the holiday period. We will only close on December 25 and January 1 and 6, 2020.

Many foreigners have already chosen our school as a reference point. We are the best option to improve your Spanish and spend your Christmas holidays in Granada.

You have all the information on our website www.inmsol.com . Anyway, you can ask us any questions through our email info@inmsol.com.

In iNMSOL … we already have the Christmas spirit in full bloom!

Granada always impresses, but at Christmas it becomes a magical city. The Alhambra and the sierra are dressed in white. The streets are lit with special decorations. In addition, music resonates throughout the city creating a spectacular atmosphere.


Curso de español en Granada para Navidad | iNMSOL


The lighting of the Christmas lighting of Granada anticipates the welcome to Christmas on November 29. Next Friday has been the day chosen for its inauguration throughout the city. Moreover, according to a survey, Granada is among the seven cities with the most beautiful lights of 2019.

However, on the streets of the city you can smell the proximity of Christmas festivities. The first decorations that make Granada a real spectacle begin to be seen.

And to all this, in iNMSOL … we can’t resist!

What will the Christmas lighting in Granada be like in 2019?

This year, the City of Granada has decided to increase the Christmas lights. With this, it seeks to intensify the presence of the Christmas spirit not only in the central areas, but in all the streets and districts.

To do this, the 2019 Christmas lighting in Granada will have 884,291 points of light in the center. And it will have a power of 86.66 watts.

Curso de español en Granada para Navidad | iNMSOL


Among the lightest, most beautiful and best decorated squares, is the Plaza Bib Rambla. As usual, this square is dedicated to children. Likewise, in addition to the typical Christmas markets, activities for the little ones will be organized.

Also, this square has been chosen this year for the inauguration of the city’s lighting. It will take place at half past six in the afternoon. Various groups of schoolchildren and choirs of Christmas carols will accompany the mayor of the city, José Torres Hurtado.

Take advantage and enjoy with us our city full of lights!

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