The Christian Holy Week is a festivity that is celebrated in the Catholic Church countries. It has a major relevance in the countries more connected to Latin culture. In Spain it is one of the most important festivities, having more appeal in Andalucía.

Granada is a city where you can live a very special Holy Week. Many processions start in each day that composes the Holy Week (from the 25th of March to the 1st of April). In iNMSOL we invite you to discover the best processions of the Holy Week of every day. There are a lot of options to choose but, if it is your first year in Granada, these are our options.

The flamenco, the spiritual environment and the special processions are the most important spots of the Holy Week of Granada.

Palm Sunday (25th of March)

On Palm Sunday is commemorated Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. According to the Gospel, the entrance was triumphant on the back of a donkey. The donkey is an animal that represents the humble spirit of Jesus Christ.

La Borriquilla

The Cofradía de la Entrada de Jesús en Jerusalén y Nuestra Señora de la Paz is the one who carries the most interesting procession of the day. Precisely, it is commonly known as “La Borraquilla” in honor of the donkey that brought Jesus on his back.

This year it will exit the San Andrés reformed parish, in Calle Elvira. The passage through Calle Elvira is something symbolic for the Grenadians because it was the old entrance to the city of Granada.

We recommend you to participate in the departure at 4pm in San Andrés parish church.

Holy Monday (26th of March)

The Bible passages celebrate the Unction of Lazarus’ sisters to Jesus. He had resuscitated Lazarus and Maria of Betania, Lazarus’ sister, pays homage to Jesus.

Los Dolores

At 18.00 starts from San Pedro y San Pablo Church, in the Carrera del Darro. The departure is the most interesting moment of Los Dolores procession.

Holy Tuesday (27th of March)

Holy Tuesday is the day when Jesus revealed to his disciples that one of them would have betrayed him.

Via Crucis

One of the most interesting processions to visit on Holy Tuesday is the Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross). This procession is the homage to Jesus path with the Cross. The most interesting moment of the procession is the closure, at 23.30pm in San Juan de los Reyes Church, in the Albaicín. It is in the moment of the reclusion that a via crucis is recited.

Holy Wednesday (28th of March)

On Holy Wednesday is commemorated the day of Judas Iscariot betrayal before the Jews.

Los Gitanos

It is one of the most interesting processions of Granada. Cristo de los Gitanos at 16.30pm in the Church of the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, in Gran Vía. However, the moment of major interest is the arrival at the Sacromonte and the passage through the neighborhood. This will be around 22.30pm during the ascent to Chapiz slope, until 3.30am when Sacromonte Abbey is closed.

Holy Thursday (29th of March)

On that day is celebrated the establishment of the Holy Communion. You receive the Communion by eating the body of Christ and by drinking the wine, which symbolizes the blood, in honor to the Last Supper that occurred on Thursday.

El Silencio

The silence procession is a startling event. It happens on Thursday morning, from 00.00am to 4.00am. Its most interesting points to visit are the departure and the entrance in San Pedro y San Pablo Church, in the Carrera del Darro. What characterizes this procession is the silence people keep at the passage of Christ.

Holy Friday (30th of March)

The fifth day of the Holy Week is the one who worships Jesus death on the Cross. It is the most important day of the Holy Week.

La Grañúa

The Cofradía del Santísimo Cristo de los Favores y María Santísima de la Misericordia Coronada is also known as la “greñúa”. With this name are known the Realejo inhabitants, neighborhood through which this cofradía passes. The most interesting point in its passage is Campo del Príncipe, the main square of the Realejo. The Cofradía de los Favores will pass through this square at 18.30pm and at 23.30pm.

Holy Friday is a day to be spent in Realejo neighborhood. Through Campo del Príncipe, at 15.00pm, will also pass the Cofradía de Las Tres de la Tarde (Three in the Afternoon), to which are usually asked 3 favors.

Holy Saturday (31st of March)

It is the day situated after Jesus death and before the Resurrection. For this reason, on that day, the attention is to the Virgin Maria, mother of Jesus Christ, who cries the death of her son.


Santa María de la Alhambra is a very characteristic procession of the Holy Week of Granada. It is payed homage to the Virgin de las Angustias and the passage through the Alhambra enclosure assumes a special interest.

Easter Sunday (1st of April)

On Sunday Easter it is celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is the last day of the Holy Week.

Los Facundillos

It is a procession carried by children. Los Facundillos are the childish branch of the humility cofradía. During the passage the clay bells played by children ring. A donation can be made in exchange for one of these bells. The arrival at Santo Domingo Church in the Realejo at 14.45pm is the moment of major interest.