Date: from March to October 2010

Where: Parque de las Ciencias, Granada


“The evolution of Darwin” is a journey through the history of evolution from the eighteenth century to the present and for the life of the man who made sense. The idea that living things change over time and had been considered long before Darwin, but was not generally accepted. Darwin established a theory that explained the evolution of living things based on natural selection, a theory that has stood the test of time and thrown to the ground some of the most deeply rooted beliefs. The theory of evolution by natural selection to human being expelled from the center of the building and provided an ideological break with the traditions ossified society. After Darwin, evolution science incorporated, but for decades refused to accept the mechanism that explained. Today, natural selection is considered the main mechanism of evolution, the rationale for biodiversity and the branching pattern of the tree of life. An Exposition of 1500 m2 which includes plants and animals, models, animations, audio, naturalized specimens, fossils, historical books, workshops and great scenery.


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