IDEA would like to offer you the opportunity to experience a different night. We invite you to go with us in the dark and unknown nocturnal city. We have created a series of itineraries to show you, in a different and innovative way, the history, the natural values, legends, traditions, culture, landscape, …


5 Walking along the Royal Canal. Urbana.
 6 The Forest of the Alhambra. Urbana.
12 Granada Centre. Urbana.
          13 The Water Albayzín. Urbana.
19 The Unknown Realejo. Urbana.
Cerro San Miguel 20-Albayzín. Urbana.
26 A Rodeo to Sabika. Urbana.
27 The Water Albayzín. Urbana.


10 The Forest of the Alhambra. Urbana.
  11 Granada Centre. Urbana.
17 The Unknown Realejo. Urbana.
  Cerro San Miguel 18-Albayzín. Urbana.

Continues in winter …


Routes Eyes of the Night: Friday and Saturday at 20:00 h
The 4 Seasons Routes: Weekends during daytime.

Urban routes Prices Normal 8 € (11 € for Sacromonte)
Natural routes Prices € 10 (includes travel)

Specials only for Friends of IDEA and reservation on the web
Students, Seniors, Youth Card, disabled, unemployed and
Card holders Amiga Andalusia Memorial Museum
 (Which can prove this condition):

€ 6 urban routes (3 additional € Sacromonte)
€ 9 natural routes (including travel)

Limited places.
 Compulsory Reserve on the web or 670 309 056