Festival of Emerging Photography

When: June 19 – June 27

Organizer: Department of Youth

A unique oportunity to bring up future talent in the photography art and know new projects of emerging photography, changing Granada as a quarry of the photography.

The exhibition programm of the Festival aims the creation of photographic routes linked to the aspects more
emblematic of the city, that are used as showcase for emerging photographic works.

The emerging photographer will partecipate presenting their proposals through the official website of the Festival.
The theme of the proposals will be raise the idea of travel.

The selected participants will exhibit their works in these points of the city, starting from the adaptation to the architects enviroment of the Festival.

The presentation of each work will be with the support of its authors and sponsor of the Festival. A unique option
to have direct relationship with the authors of the selected works.

The public can chose the best one through the street vote.