As Federico García Lorca never goes out of style, any occasion is perfect to celebrate the work of the Granadian master. And this time we are going to celebrate it at the Alpujarra Performing Arts Festival, Me Vuelves Lorca.

The Festival started on 2nd August and will last 11th August in Laroles (Nevada), a corner of the Alpujarra of Granada with only 600 inhabitants.




When Me Vuelves Lorca Festival premiered in 2015, a new stage was born in the cultural project Un Teatro Entre Todos, with the aim of revitalizing Laroles through culture and sustainable tourism.

This project is draws on Lorca’s idea of ​​spreading culture even in rural and remote areas, with theater, concerts and monologues. Lorca himself participated in a project, La Barraca, where some students approached rural areas to new forms of culture.

In fact, one day Un Teatro Entre Todos decided to create a theatre in the small Laroles and a collaborative financing campaign was launched with which Me Vuelves Lorca Festival was born.

This year we are celebrating the II Edition of Me Vuelves Lorca 2019 Awards, which are given to people from the Spanish cultural scene who share Lorca’s philosophy and spread Lorca’s work. The awards, granted to playwrights Pablo Messiez, Alberto Conejero and Carlota Ferrer, actress Irene Escolar and journalist Juanjo Romero, are a replica of one of the floor tiles in Lorca’s room at his home in Huerta de San Vicente.




As a novelty, this year the residents of the area will live for the first time the experience of creating a play. For six days, the company’s professionals will create a theatral show with the people of the municipality, based on their memories, anecdotes and experiences.

In this way, the traditions and customs of the rural community of La Alpujarra can be valorized, redeeming above all the role of women with their essential work.

The first weekend of the festival has been dedicated to music with three concerts. This weekend, on Friday 9th August at 9:30 P.M. at Teatro de Las Eras de Laroles, the comedians A Panadaria will interpret Elisa and Marcela’s love story in a musical comedy format.


Elisa y Marcela


Here you can buy the tickets, and if you buy them for two people there are also some discounts (€ 20 instead of € 24).

On Saturday 10th August, a Double Comedy Night will take place. At 9:30 P.M. in El Paseo de Laroles premieres “La Voz del Agua; Historias de un pueblo”, created during the 3rd Artistic Residence.


There will also be Jamming Show with improvised theatre to spend a pleasant and fun night, between art and laughter.

Here you can buy the tickets.

iNMSOL recommends you join this artistic project, to have fun and also discover more about one of the greatest poets of Spanish literature.

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