The 31 /03 , 01/ 04 and 02 /04 are the days of the 2014 Film Festival in Spain . This time , it has been possible to go to the cinema for a very low price ( only € 2.90 ) , registering on the website created exclusively for this.
The circumstances have been favorable to display some of the latest films . One of them, in my opinion one of the most notable films, is “The Grand Budapest Hotel” , the film which we will discuss today.
The argument
The story begins in 1985 , when a writer ( Tom Wilkinson) tells us that in his youth stayed at the Grand Hotel Budapest. Then we see him rejuvenate ( with the traits of Jude Law ), until his arrival at the Hotel, already in decline , where he met the owner ( F. Murray Abraham) who, in a third story, tells the turbulent history of the Hotel in the years 30 , when it enjoyed its peak and was visited by ladies, with lots of money , looking for the attentions of his legendary concierge , M. Gustave ( Ralph Finenes ).
The death of one of those wealthy Mr. Gustave lovers, unleash the struggle for their heritage, including a valuable painting that she leaves to the concierge and that his heirs want to recover to all costs, which will lead to all sorts of pursuits, also the most funny ones. And with a surprise ending ..
The film director, Wes Anderson, is one of the most interesting today. This is undoubtedly the most fun and brilliant film , visually speaking , it has a star cast , and captured the Grand Jury Prize at the Berlin Festival .
The film also includes numerous artistic and literary references that will be discussed for a long time, which shows the care with which Anderson has built this story that apparently seem a simple entertainment.
In Grand Hotel Budapest coincide almost twenty stars of Hollywood and every one of them has a great scene . Among all, the actors include the main characters , Ralph Finnes and his companion, Tony Revolori , both possessing an enthusiasm and a force that won’t leave them in any time, even in the most difficult moments in the history.
Summarizing is a  very funny movie,visually stunning and the best deal of the year.
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