FIP 2024: Granada International Poetry Festival. A renowned cultural meeting.

The Granada International Poetry Festival is a highly prestigious anual cultural event held in our city. In the historic city of Granada, in addition to the Music and Dance Festival, the FIP is internationally recognized as key to the cultural present and future.


Cartel FIP 2024 Granada


Origins and evolution of Granada FIP

The Granada FIP had its humble beginnings in 2005, when a group of poetry enthusiasts came together to create an event that celebrated the richness and beauty of poetic art. Since then, the festival has seen significant growth, both in terms of participation and international prestige. Every year, the festival closes with the award ceremony of the prestigious Federico García Lorca International Poetry Prize.

Since its creation nineteen years ago, this festival has become a meeting point for poets and poetry lovers from around the world, attracting a diverse and passionate audience seeking to celebrate the word in all its forms.

What started as a local initiative has become a world-renowned event. The FIP attracts poets from all continents. This helps make Granada one of the main cultural destinations for poetry lovers. Over the years, the festival has maintained its commitment to poetic diversity, offering a platform for a wide range of poetic styles, genres and traditions.


In all its editions, the FIP has had the support of, among others, the following sponsors:


FIP 2024

The International Poetry Festival in Granada is much more than a series of readings and recitals. It is a cultural meeting that brings together poets, writers, academics and poetry lovers to celebrate words in all their forms. For several days, the city of Granada becomes a vibrant scene where poetry is intertwined with everyday life, filling the streets, squares and theaters with the magic of words.

The FIP 2024 already has its activities scheduled:

  • Dates: April 15 to 19, 2024
  • Location: city of Granada (Spain)
  • Duration: 5 days of poetry

Program and featured events of FIP

The festival features a wide range of events ranging from intimate readings to massive performances on open-air stages. Notable events include:

  • Poetry recitals
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Poetic concerts
  • Art and poetry exhibitions
  • Conferences and round tables

FIP 2024 lunes 15 abril

FIP 2024 programa martes 16 abril


FIP 2024 jueves 18 abril

You can check the entire FIP 2024 schedule by clicking here.


We hope you enjoy this festival!

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