For this year as well Peña Flamenca “La Platería” proposes again an activity that has awoken great interest: showing of movies and documentaries related to the flamenco world, either about singing, dancing, choreography, mythical characters, etc., or about filmmakers who have performed this topic. Therefore, we’ll try to get and show anything interesting has been filmed.

Although we keep the same format, we have changed the dates of the showing  to Friday (once a month), according to the following program. This change has been done in order to allow more people to come on weekends.
We hope these changes help to consolidate an activity that is has awoken more and more interest  and moreover to understand better this form of art in all its expressions.

All showings will start at 21:30 hours.


  • November 18: “Flamencos del Sacromonte” (2000)
  • December 16: “La ética de la danza”. Homenaje a Antonio Gades.
  • January 13: “La leyenda del tiempo”. Isaki Lacuesta  (2006)
  • February 10: “Noche de Terremotos”
  • March 16: “Alcanzar el cielo sin subir los hombros”. Homenaje a Cristina Hoyos.
  • March 13: “Flamenco-Flamenco”. Carlos Saura (2011)
  • May 18: Recordando a Mario Maya.

Activity coordinator: Carlos Jiménez Linares

* This program is subject to change depending on the availability of documents and / or other priority events . In any case, the change will be announced  in advance.

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