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Flamenco Viene del Sur Festival


Flamenco sing, dance and music reach the 8 andalusian provinces, from february 18th to June 2nd 2011. The new edition of Flamenco viene del Sur Festival has an excellent program that would be shown in: Seville Teatro Central, Granada Teatro Alhambra, Malaga Teatro Cánovas, Cordoba Gran Teatro, Jaen Nuevo Teatro Infanta Leonor, Cadiz Gran Teatro Falla, Almeria Teatro Apolo, Huelva Gran Teatro.

The program for Granada Teatro Alhambra, from February 26th to May 16th is:

  • February 26th: “Tripolar”, Marco Vargas and Chloé Brûlé. Flamenco/Contemporary Dance
  • March 7th: “Questcequetudeviens?” Compagnie 111 (Aurélien Bory). Flamenco/Contemporary Dance
  • March 14th: “Raíces del alma”, Esperanza Fernández.
  • March 21st: “La gloria de mi mare”, Choni Compañía Flamenca.
  • April 4th: “La música”, Juan Carlos Romero.
  • April 11th: “Del quivir”, compañía Ángeles Gabaldón
  • May 9th: “Tres movimientos, tres puñales”, Pedro Sierra.
  • May 16th: “¡Ay Alameda!”, compañía Andrés Marín.

Place of shows: Teatro Alhambra, Calle Molinos 56. 18009 Granada. Tel. 958 028 000

Prices: Depending on show.

Please download for free the complete program.


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