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Folk singing and dance mix in one single woman, Rocío Márquez

Rocío Márquez was born in 1985 and since she was 9 years old she has being experiencing in the world of singing, of flamenco and in the conservatory. Her career has been full of successes since she was very young: she took part in many TV shows and she was rewarded with a scholarship by the Cristina Heeren Foundation, until she achieved the Doctorate in Flamenco, starting to perform around the world.

In 2009 her first work was published, a DVD containing a live concert. With this production she became famous also abroad, and particularly in France and Netherlands. In 2012 she signed for the Universal Music Spain and her first album titled “Claridad”, to which followed the tribute to Pepe Marchena “El Niño. Andando por los campos Marcheneros” , was published during the same year. During her recent tour, Rocío has been expressing the deepest reasons that compose her music and her lyrics: singing respecting the traditions and remembering the most important names that lived in the past, such as Mario Benedetti, William Shakespeare, Jorge Manrique and many others.

The show is taking place today, Monday the 16th of March, at the Alhambra Theatre at 9:00p.m.. The entrance worth 17 euros and it is possible to buy them in advance in TicketMaster official webpage.Rocío Márquez El Niño

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