What a gift we received today at iNMSOL!

We have received a special visit, one of our former training course for teachers‘ students, and she has brought her book “The Enigma of the Palacio de los Leones” as a present. Double surprise!

Lola Almansa Maza, author -and Alhambra and the Generalife’s guide-, takes us to hidden corners of this monument through a beautiful story.

Lola Almansa and her teacher Juan Luis


Furthermore, Lola knows the Alhambra “in and out”, and she tells us the real situation of each of the paintings that appear in the book. Thus, we can locate and visit them ourselves.

Page from El enigma del Palacio de los Leones

We met Lola in one of our ELE training courses, addressed to teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, and we are delighted with her.

We hope she does great in all facets of herself: as tourist guide, as a writer, and as a Spanish teacher!


And if you also want to train in teaching Spanish ELE, contact us! Our next course will begin on February 19, 2024.


Thanks for your gift, Lola!

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