As every year, the approach of autumn reminds us of the Young Filmmakers Festival that this year will take place between 21 and 27 October, 2013.
In anticipation, on September 12 at 21.30, the movie “Extraterrestre” by Nacho Vigalondo will be screened in Plaza de las Pasiegas. This is part of the ” Ciclo de Cine Itinerante” that the Academy of Cinema and Gas Fenosa are showing since July in several cities in Spain.

The aim of this initiative is “Bringing Spanish cinema, in the big screen and to free public away from the big cities” and “… the idea is to spread the sense of watching movies and integrate it as an everyday activity in people life”. What better place than the fascinating Plaza de las Pasiegas of Granada in a late summer night?
“Extraterrestre” tells the story of Julia and Julio, two people who do not know, but who wake up in the same bed after a binge of not remembering anything. He instantly falls in love, but she does not. In this uncomfortable situation, they learn that they can not leave the house because a giant UFO floats over the city. In this this forced couple appears a third element: a neighbor.

To find out what the latest projections of the summer are and in which cities, look here.

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