Tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th of March, at the Alhambra Theatre is taking place “Good News”, directed by María Cabeza.

In her premiere in this theatre, the director collaborates with the dancer and choreographer Emmanuelle Santos, who has also work as director of the Choreographic National Centre of Montpellier. As in the majority of her works, María Cabeza, knows how to beautify the scene with the literature and the music, inserting between the elements of the representation her characteristic signature. This new theatre proposal by María Cabeza wants to show the world the physical and psychological reactions in front of good and bad news, from the daily and particular ones to the other universal ones that involve indifferently millions of people.

Tomorrow at 9:00p.m. the Alhambra Theatre is opening its doors for the representation of this spectacle; the entries worth 17€ each and it is already possible to buy it in the website, phoning the number 902 150 025 or at the ticket window of the Theatre since one hour before each representation.Good News Teatro Alhambra

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