The Gothic and its Mystery

José  Luis Corral is a  Spanish professor, historic, writer and author of same radio and TV programs deal  especially with Spanish Middle Age. He also published  historical articles and novels.
In the 1992 he won the Silver Medal for the XXXIV  International Festival of Video and Television of New York as  historical director  of the  video series History of Aragon.  In his last novel  El Enigma de las Catedrales the writer takes us back to the  Middle Age in the sublime temples to reveal the reasons of the construction, and also of the mythos and mysteries that  are hidden in their sculptures, labyrinth and stained glass windows.

The author talks above all about European and Spanish cathedrals, but some of United States and Ecuador too. The book contains many pictures, date of construction, and information about the different builders. He does a selection of the most perturbing, the most beautiful cathedrals and these that throughout history have inspired many legends : miraculous  recoveries, women who get pregnant magically, devils.
Corral states that all the cathedrals of the world are terrifying outside for their structure but on the other hand they’re relaxing inside.


The cathedral of Toledo is maybe the most frightening, because it was the centre of the Inquisition.


The cathedral of Burgos one of the most beautiful, linked with the history of Papamoscas, monster that opens its mouth to every stroke.


The cathedral of Leon an other beautiful one its stained glass windows are like a kaleidoscope.






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