The city of Granada has been selected as the best tourist destination for long Christmas weekends!
Friday and Saturday reached the 95% of visitors and most of them were couples.
The streets were full of people walking, the restaurants with no place where to seat, the hotels booked for Christmas’s time and the shops gaining from this movement of tourists..
Although all of this is based on unsure datum, the Tourism city councillor, Rocío Díaz reported that the days of the long weekends, especially Friday and Saturday, were the the days in which the hotels were more full of people, considering that the (hotel) occupancy rate gaind a 95% during Friday and a 97% Saturday. (Even though during the day of Sunday the percentage went a little bit down due to the fact that not all the autonomous communities gave the day of Monday as a day off for the Blessed Virgin festivity).
By the way the hotel occupancy has been more than an ordinary Sunday, reaching a 61%.
With all these information we can assume that Granada has been elected as the best option for weekend breaks.. and especially for romantic trips, because, according to the Tourism City Council, the 57% of the tourists were couples, attracted by the romantinc air of a city that can offer unique walks and wonderful landscapes.
However the city of Granada offers activities for all of kind of tourists and this is underlined by the 19% of bookings by group of friends and a 16% by families.
Rocío Díaz reports that these information, adding a 20.3% of visits to the tourist centre and the growth of sale of tourist passes, result “very positive” and motivate the department to keep following this line and working more for the tourist and cultural dynamism of the city in order to attract more visitors.
According to the city counselor these holidays and the perfect weather were not the only elements that made all the situation positive, but also thanks to the games of lights, the traditional craftsmanship market in Plaza Bib-Rambla and the fountain of Battles or the Paseo de los Tristes or the Plaza de toros.. with activities organized in different theatres and squares such as “Las Chrimías..”
“The city has been full of visitors and local people too, participating to all the activities surrounded by the magic atmosphere of Christmas during the days of holiday”. This is something that encourage us to keep going on, offering interesting activities for all, making this way Granada really active concerning the hotel, the cultural and the restaurant activities.
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