If we told you ‘Granada = culture‘ would you believe it?

Granada is a famous city in Andalusia. Its fame derives from many factors, but this year culture also plays its part. According to recent studies, it seems that Granada enjoys university centres of international importance. The Shanghai Ranking establishes the best universities in the world, each year analysing their prestige. Among the top 200 this year is the University of Granada. As many as eight specialisations are on this top list, four of which are in the top 100. On 15 August 2022, the official ranking will be published that will place the UGR among the best in the world.

The degree in Food Science and Technology can be found in these eight specialisations. It ranks 30th, while the degree in Library Science and Documentation ranks 38th. The latter is a specialisation typical only of the University of Granada. Another specialisation is Tourism, which ranks between position 51 and 75. The degree in Mathematics has a unit of excellence between the top 76 and 100. Computer Science and Nursing rank between 101 and 300. Earth Sciences is the last degree to conclude the evaluation of the eight URG specialisations. Specifically, it will rank between position 151 and 200, surpassing the University of Madrid and Barcelona.

This ranking is similar to last year’s, with Food Science and Technology rising nine positions in 2022, increasing its excellence. The University of Granada continues and increases its scientific leadership in Andalusia and in the fields of information technology.

It is confirmed that the results of the work and development of the UGR increase compared to other years, other areas and other cities in the world. If we wanted to make an equation we could say that Granada = culture.



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