Since Ryanair announced, last year, its decision to withdraw four of the six routes from Granada airport, the recovery of international flights became one of the main objectives of the Diputación Provincial of Granada. Negotiations with various low cost companies, have been made with Transavia, with the recovery of Granada-Paris route. 

Yesterday at 19:00 Provincial President, Antonio Martínez Caler, sat down with Ryanair’s general manager to resume negotiations and to try to give to Granada airport new international flights. 

According to the meeting, the importance of the recovery of international flights not only has to do with the increase in visits and overnight stays in hotels, but also with the progress of infrastructure investment and Granada. 

And obviously, the influence of low cost flights in the development of the tourism sector is vital. The loss of cheap flights between 2009 and 2010 has led to Granada, according to information provided by the council president, an average fall of 10% of tourist arrivals in the absence of which would have enabled the province to settle 2010, year of recovery in the industry with more positive results. 


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