• On Oct 9th, CICERONE organizes a guided walking tour of the most famous and emblematic Granadian neighborhood, where muslim herence is still recognized. Nowadays, the neighborhood is cultural heritage of UNESCO. Walking through his small and labyrinthic streets, we will be introduced in his deepest heart.

The tour will start from MIRADOR DE SAN CRISTÓBAL (san Cristóbal viewpoint) at 20:00.

  • On october 10th, “Federico Garcia Lorca’s places in Granada” is the next tour that CICERONE organizes, through the places that determined Lorca’s personality and work.  

The tour will start in “Fuente de las batallas”, next to to tobaccos.

  • On Monday, Oct 11th, “Noche de las leyendas” (Legend night): you will be introduced in the meanders of Granada’s labyrinthic streets.

The tour will start in Plaza Larga, (Puerta de las Pesas) at 20:00.

  • On Oct 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th we’ll suggest you a tour “from Islam to  Christianism”, a travel from Islam to Christianism showing the astonishing tranformation of a so mythological city.

The tour will start from the Bip-Rambla Tobaccos at 10:30.

Each tour costs 12 euros and it is free for people younger than 14.
Students, pensioners and unemployed people will have a discount.
People that want to do more than one excursion, will have a descount too.



Federación Hostelería y Turismo Granada

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