With the fashion of being fit we´ll also give you an example of practice sport surroundings by nature. We have to take advantage of what has province of Granada, go out and move the body.

The lands of Granada are almost all a mountainous area which allows us to practice various types of sports, among them the hiking.

According to the Decree 20/2002, of January 29, 2002, of Junta de Andalucía on rural tourism and active tourism, hiking is an excursionist expedition of short and long tours through path, where you can stay overnight or no. What is worth to stand out is that it´s a non-competitive activity. Hiking has as one´s goal to bring nearer people to the nature.


In Spain this type of sport was already present before the year 1972, people marked trails to facilitate their travel.

In 1972 the continuation of the European route E-4 was established from Puigcerdá (France-Spain border) to the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula.

On the website of Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada (Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing) dedicated to the hiking you will find all the information you´ll need to start your adventure with hiking. http://misendafedme.es/

Next we will give you examples of 4 routes where you can go for autumnal walk and enjoy the natural environment.

  1. La Tahá de Pitres

La Tahá is a municipality in the province of Granada which comprises the population of Pitres, Mecina, Fondales, Capilerilla, Ferreirola, Atalbéitar y Mecinilla. This route is located in the Sierra Nevada National Park and is of medium difficulty. This route altitude is 1295m.


  1. La vereda de la Estrella

La vereda de la Estrella was built as a communication channel with the mines. Today is the most popular hiking trail in Sierra Nevada. During the walk you will have the opportunity to enjoy indigenous vegetation of the area. The route is about 25 km and is of low difficulty.


  1. Los Cahorros de Monachil

Another of our routes is located in Monachil, 8km from Granada. Los Cahorros are part of Sierra Nevada National Park. On this route we will practice hiking surrounded by high mountains which for years have been shaped by the Monachil River.


  1. Cerrada del río Castril

The next route is located in municipality of Castril and belongs to the Sierra de Castril Natural Park. The road has been formed on old railway sleepers. One of the attractions of this route is the suspension bridge.


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