If you have always thought that learning a new language is something boring, get ready to change your mind. Imagine diving into the latin rhythms, the flamenco guitars and the most romantic baladas while becoming a Spanish expert. You are lucky my friend: music can be your best friend in this adventure. From iNMSOL we want to explain to you how to convert music in your best ally. Follow me in this journey!aprende español con la múscica

Music as a bridge to Spanish 

Before introducing you to the playlist, let’s see the reason for this topic. 


  • Rhythm and pronunciation: songs help us to recognize and reproduce the natural rhythm of Spanish. Those linguistic turns, those interjections that are so ours. Oh no! It’s like learning to dance, but with words.
  • Vocabulary in context: there is a difference between learning words by heart and listening to them in enthusiastic ballads or in a flamenca rumbita.
  • Culture and tradition: music opens you the door to the real hispanic soul. Through music, you shall know histories, legends and how people are.

Songs list to enlarge your horizons in Spanish 

  • “La Camisa Negra” – Juanes: Not only will you learn vocabulary, but you will also immerse yourself in Colombian rhythms.
  • “Bailando” – Enrique Iglesias ft. Gente de Zona: A catchy theme that will help you with everyday verbs and expressions.
  • “Mienteme” – Maria José: A ballad that will teach you emotional and romantic language.
  • “Oye Como Va” – Carlos Santana: Ah, the classics! This song will introduce you to phrases that are pure Latin flavor.
  • “Amor Eterno” – Rocío Dúrcal: One of the most iconic ballads in the Mexican repertoire. A gem to learn vocabulary related to emotions and relationships.

And so we could go on and on. Spanish is a rich language, and its music, I won’t even tell you!

FAQs: rhythms, rimes and revelation

Is it really useful to listen to music in Spanish? Of course it is! Music is a listening activity. The more you listen, the more you improve your comprehension and pronunciation. And yes, it is funnier than a grammar book.

  • Which music genre is better to listen? There is no restriction! From reggaetón to flamenco, each genre has something to offer you. What is important is trying to change the more you can to expose yourself to different vocabulary and accents.  
  • ¿What if I do not understand anything about the song? In this case there is a trick: looking for the lyrics. Reading while listening can help you to connect sounds with letters. And if there is something you don’t understand, go to the dictionary!


If you have been thinking  that learning a new language is just about grammar and rules for all your life, it is time to change your mentality! “How to learn Spanish with music” is a journey  full of rhythm, emotions and learning. So the next time you want to practice Spanish, forget about books for a while and put on your headphones letting yourself be carried away by music. Finally, how Spanish would say, ¡a gozar!

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