iNMSOL has become CCSE examination center !

The CCSE exam (Conocimientos Constitucionales y Socioculturales de España), which means “constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain”, is one of the requirements for those interested in obtaining the Spanish nationality by residence, established by law 2/2015, of June 24 and 19 / 2015 of 13 July.
The other main requirement is the official DELE A2 exam (or higher), that proves the level of Spanish of the candidates. Both tests are regulated and administered by Instituto Cervantes.


CCSE examination center

Since 2012, as a member of the Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish (FEDELE), Instituto Mediterráneo Sol is an accredited examination center of the Spanish certification DELE in every level. Framed in the agreement signed between the Instituto Cervantes and FEDELE, Instituto Mediterráneo Sol happens to be an official test center that will accredit the knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and the Spanish social and cultural reality: the CCSE.

If you need more detailed information about dates and deadlines, please visit the click here.


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