We know that Granada is a fascinating city, although it is too warm in summer, right? At Instituto Mediterráneo Sol we are aware of that, so we offer you a shuttle to the beach. Grab your swimsuit and get your beach getaway with INMSOL! We make more accessible the beach for you, so you can enjoy an incredible summer in Granada.

Weekly shuttle service to the beach

During the middle months of summer you can book your trip to the beach through us, the easiest way! There will be one day per week when students will be able to reserve their trip to Almuñécar (just over half an hour from Granada). Our students will have the chance then of taking a relaxing bath in one of the most beautiful beaches in the province, right at the end of their Spanish classes. We also include transport back to Granada, of course! We do not want anyone staying there forever lol.

Playa de Almuñécar


Every Monday, together with the rest of the weekly activities’ program, we inform our students about the day that the trip to the beach will take place: they only need to notify to the secretary and pay directly at the school, easy peasy!

In addition, the city of Almuñecar offers many other places besides the beach, that you can visit, so one more attraction!




Stay tuned on Monday and book your beach getaway!

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