If there is something we are proud of at Instituto Mediterráneo Sol it is to have students of all ages and try to adapt as much as possible to their specific needs. Let’s say, for example, our Spanish courses for Senior students.

Seniors 50


Easy Spanish, adapted to real needs: students 50+

This summer we are having a large number of Senior students, that is peole over 50 years of age, and all of them are great! These students often have specific needs: its courses are shorter, 2 classes per day, and the rythm in class is more relaxed. The contents of these courses are often much more communicative and adapted to their real needs: learning to cope in a Spanish speaking country, studying vocabulary and grammatical structures focused on tourism, travel and leisure, and of course learn more about our culture and our lifestyle.

Foto curso Seniors


Teachers who learn how to teach Senior students

The Senior courses allow to improve the language if the student has already studied it, or if he is studying it for the first time, as all our teachers are prepared for it.

Curso Profesores Seniors

During the past month we have had a specific training course for teachers called “teaching senior students”. Three students, who are dedicated to teaching Spanish in his native Hungary, have spent two weeks with us. During their course they have learned everything they need to face students of more than 50 years old, whether they have some level or they are absolute beginners; from now on, they will be able to design teaching units focused on their specific needs, to develop class plans adapted to the rhythm, and treating this specific target in a class of Spanish.

So if you’re over 50 and want to learn Spanish easily we wait for you at INMSOL!

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