The American soprano Barbara Hendricks and soloists from The Royal Opera House Covent Garden will be the important guests in the Auditorium Manuel de Falla.

After its recent re-opening because of rehabilitation work, the auditorium begins the new year with important names.

The program, which was approved before the end of 2010, is structured around four main points: the cycle time of camera A, the cycle Falla, music at 360 degrees, the Grenadines in the failure cycle and symphony concerts, as increased by director of the Centro Cultural Manuel de Falla, Jose Luis Carmona. 

The American soprano Barbara Hendricks, one of the great voices of contemporary music, will visit Granada for the second time and participated in the Jazz Festival on the Coast-to offer on 8 April an exclusive concert and opera arias accompanied by Spanish music Love Derwinger the piano. 

The italian pianist Domenico Codispoti is another of the main figures to take into account this year, particularly for his concert next February 12, when he will perform a particular tribute to Franz Liszt to commemorate the bicentennial of the composer’s birth. 

The Soloists of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, one of the most prestigious symphony orchestras worldwide, will arrive in Granada on 12 March under the baton of Vasko Vassilev, director youngest concertmaster in the entire history of the orchestra, and a program that includes works by Mozart, Brahms, Sarasate and Falla. The concert will serve to mark the 20 anniversary of the inauguration of Manuel de Falla Archives. 

The Berlin Chamber Orchestra will close on May 21 with a program symphony concert conducted by Katrin Scholz works by Vivaldi, Handel, Barber, Piazzolla, Telemann. 

On the other hand, the Hall continues with musical bets in recent years have become one of its hallmarks, such as the cycle time camera, through various small ensembles of musicians from the GAO undertakes programs dedicated to different instruments. Thus, the cycle will start Sunday with a concert dedicated to Slavic composers for solo bass, and will continue with proposals that will protagonists Shostakovich, the music of Central Europe, French music with harp and clarinet. 



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