Instituto Mediterráneo Sol Quality Report (by Instituto Cervantes)

In March 2010 an Instituto Cervantes inspector of schools came to Instituto Mediterráneo Sol  to extend the Cooperation Agreement we both signed in 2002 and renewed every 4 years after a long and detailed process of  evaluation.

Today, May 18th 2010, we have received the quality report and we are very proud of it: we got 94,215 over 100. We would like to share our happiness with you all!

The detailed evaluation is:

– Academic activity and quality teaching: 52,105 (maximum 55)
– Facilities and equipment: 13,740 (maximum 15)
– Administrative organization: 23,860 (maximum 25)
– Advertising and Information: 4,510 (maximum 5)

Total: 94,215 (maximum 100)


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