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Granada Internacional Poetry Festival

 Granada Internacional Poetry Festival

Every spring more than 10,000 people come to our city to listen to poetry, something unprecedented in Europe. This is the Granada International Poetry Festival, where there are 5 days of poetry.

This year the date is 25-29 April and is when Granada becomes the poetic capital par excellence .More than fifty authors will pass through the capital and various towns of the province. As we know, Granada is the city of the great poet Federico García Lorca who was murdered in his own home and where now some readings of the Festival are made. Another essential place for the festival is the Alhambra, as well as the Carmen de los Mártires, where San Juan de la Cruz wrote his spiritual Cantico. The festival is directed by Daniel Rodríguez Moya and has the support of the Government of Spain, the Junta de Andalucía, the provincial council and other public institutions. If you are interested in attending one of the days of the festival, here we leave you the program for the whole week!




Block 1 (morning) Faculty of Education Sciences:

  • 10:00 hs. Institutional presentation of the conference.
  • 10:30 hs. Inaugural conference. Jordi Sierra i Fabra in its 50th anniversary. Presents: Paqui García Garrido (Provincial Head of the Professional Network of School Libraries).
  • 11:30 hs. Modern classics. Juan Antonio González Iglesias (National Critics Prize).
  • 12:30 hs. Poetry workshop with Elena Escribano. Presents: Mila Villanueva.


Block 2 (afternoon) Huerta de san Vicente:

  • 17:30 hs. Institutional inauguration.
  • 18:00 hs. Recital. Mohamed Bennis (Morocco) and Juan Antonio González Iglesias (Spain) Translates: José Sarria.
  • 19:00 hs. The readers of the UGR ask. Conversation-recital of Adonis with Raquel Lanseros. Coordinates: Remedios Sánchez.
  • 20:00 hs. Closing poetic-musical tribute to Federico García Lorca: María Peláe.


26 April 2022

BLOCK 3 ( tomorrow) facultar de ciencias de la educación:

  • 10:00 hs. Poetry workshop with Raúl R. Sola.
  • 10:30 hs. Narrative workshop (I). How to build a story: Manuel Francisco Reina.
  • 11:30 hs. Workshop “Writing to grow professionally. Dante and Shakespeare as models of entrepreneurship” with Fernando Lallana (writer).
  • 12:30 hs. Conversation- recital of national poets Raquel Lanseros, José Luis Rey and Ioana Gruia.


Block 4 ( afternoon) Library of Andalucia:

  • 16:00 hs. Recital. Poets from Granada: Marcelo García, Rosa Morillas, Gerardo Venteo, Marina Tapia and Josefina Martos.
  • 17:00 hs. Recital- colloquium of national poets: Tito Muñoz, Tirso Priscilo Vallecillos and José Sarria.


Block 5 (afternoon) The fip den the Alhambra palace sw Charles V:

  • 18:30 hs. Talk- Recital by Leila Slimani (Premio Goncourt) with Remedios Sánchez. Translates: Raquel Lanseros.



  • 19:45 hs. “The Jondo Cante Contest. The flamingos have the word”. Speakers: Carmen Linares, Arcángel, Marina Heredia, Eva la Yerbabuena, and Soleá Morente. Coordinator: Juan Pinilla.
  • 20:45 hs. Award of the I International Poetry Festival to Carmen Linares.



27 April 2022 block 6 (morning) Faculty of Education Sciences:

  • 10:00 hs. Poetry workshop. Tirso Priscilo Vallecillos.
  • 11:00 hs. Debate- recital. Manuel Francisco Reina, Farid Othman-Bentria Ramos, Jorge Pozo Soriano.
  • 12:00 hs. Recital of young poetry: Marta Jiménez Serrano, Antonio Díaz Mola and Jesús Pacheco. It presents: Lena Carrilero.
  • 13:00 hs. Poetry and music workshop with Diego Martín and Sergio Arlandis.


Block 7 (afternoon) Maxima Room, Space V Centenary ( UGR):

  • 16:00 hs. Workshop. Allen Josephs (University of West Florida).
  • 17:00 hs. Conversation about narrative between Elisa Victoria and Marta Jiménez Serrano Coordinates: Pilar Núñez.
  • 18:00 hs. Debate- Recital by international poets: Ataol Behramoglu (Turkey), Abdul Hadi Sadoum (Iraq), Eduardo Herrera Baullosa (Cuba), Carmen Boullosa (Mexico), Daniel Calabresse (Chile). Coordinator: José Manuel Ruiz (Director of the Federico García Lorca Chair).
  • 19:00 hs. THE READERS OF THE UGR ask. WHY LITERATURE? Speakers: Gonzalo Manglano (author), Raquel Lanseros, Rafael Soler. Coordinator: Pilar Núñez Delgado (Director of the UGR Literature Classroom).
  • 20:00 hs. POETRY and MUSIC WORKSHOP with Rayden and Adriana Moragues. Coordinates: José Manuel Ruiz (Director of the Federico García Lorca Chair).



28 April 2022

Block 8 (morning) Faculty of Education Sciences:

  • 10:00 hs. Workshop: How to write a poem in the 21st century by Ioana Gruia.
  • 11:00 hs. Children’s literature workshop with Ana María Romero Yebra and María del Carmen Quiles.
  • 12:00 hs. Poetry recital: Ana Merino, Carmen Boullosa (Mexico) and Eleonora Finkelstein (Chile).
  • 13:00 hs. Colloquium-workshop. Conversation “Journalism, freedom of expression and exile”. The following spoke: Patricia Orozco (Premio Internacional de Periodismo Julio Anguita Parrado 2022), Francisco Terrón (Secretario General Sindicato de Periodistas de Andalucía) and Daniel Rodríguez Moya (journalist) and Susana Sarrión (Asociación de Comunicadoras de Granada).

Block 9 (afternoon) Centro García Lorca:

  • 16:00 hs. The cultural component in the work of Federico García Lorca. Reflections on a translation with Anthony Geist (Washington University).
  • 17:00 hs. Inma López-Silva (Premio de la Crítica en Narrativa) in conversation with Domingo Sánchez-Mesa.
  • 18:00 hs. Conversation of Ana Merino (Premio Nadal) with Jesús Ortega.
  • 19:00 hs. Poetic recital. Antonia Vicens (National Poetry Prize), Dionisia García, Jenaro Talens and Javier Salvago (National Critics Prize).
  • 20:00 hs. Conversation of Passion Vega with Juanjo Tellez.


Block 10 (morning) faculty of science education:

  • 11:00- 13:00 hs. Practices with the assistants of the FIP on narrative and networks with May R. Ayamonte. Presents: Gerardo Rodríguez-Salas.


Block 11 (afternoon) the Alhambra (Palace of Carlo V):

  • 19:00 hs. Closing. Readers of the UGR ask. Sergio Ramírez (Premio Cervantes), Gioconda Belli and Luis García Montero talk with Daniel Rodríguez Moya.
  • 20:00 hs. A Nobel Prize in peace. Svetlana Aleksiévich (Nobel Prize for Literature) talks with Remedios Sánchez.



As every year, it is not only the city of Granada to be interested and participate in the festival, but also some municipalities of its province. Here we also leave you the program of the province of: Fuentevaqueros, Alfacar, Viznar, Valderrubio and Pinos Puente.


Municipalities Lorquianos. Pinos Puente: IES CERRO DE LOS INFANTES.

Thursday 28 April, 10.15h. Author: Danie Calabresse (Argentina).

Presented by: Ramon Martínez. VIZNAR: CENTRO CIVICO. Wednesday 27 April, 18.00h. Author: Eleonora Finkelstein (chile). Presented by: Gerardo Rodríguez-Salas.



Wednesday 27 April, 18.00h

With Federico in the background. Ana Merino (author of the novel Amiga) in conversation with María Bastos Amigo (granddaughter of Joaquín Amigo)

Presented by: Ramon Martínez.




Wednesday 27 April, 9,15h

Author: Mohammed Bennis (Morocco).

Presented by: Ramon Martínez.

Translate: José Sarria.




Wednesday 27 April, 18.00h

Author: Antonia Vicens (national literature prize)

Presented by: Ramedios Sánchez

If you want to download the complete program and read more information about the festival, this is the link: Program in PDF – Poetry Festival Granada (



The city is thrilled and will welcome many tourists. After two years of pandemic, people cannot wait to celebrate these events and enjoy as before. If you are interested, do not miss the opportunity to see Granada on these special days.


From iNMSOL we wish you a spectacular poetry festival!



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