Like every summer, also this year Granada will welcome the International Festival of music and dance, from June 20th until July 11th, 2014.
This festival is one of the most awaited in Granada because very important artists come here and spread a magical atmosphere to the city for those days. A part from the official program that usually takes place in different areas in Alhambra (like the Generalife’s Gardens and Carlos V Palace) and where you can assist only by previously buying a ticket, there’s another simultaneous one that’s called FEX. This last one is totally free, but you have to be sure to go to the performance place extremely in advance to reserve a seat for you. As all the artists that take part into this Festival are very good and quite known in music, dance or theater, just imagine how many people wish to attend their performance and…. for free!!!
Here you have the official website of this great festival in Granada, where you can discover the invited artists of this year and buy your ticket in advance!

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