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International Flamenco Day in Granada and the Grammy Latinos 2023

A day dedicated to music: we celebrate the Día Internacional del Flamenco ed Grammy Latinos 2023


This November 16 is a very important date for Andalucía, given the amount of cultural events that will take place. We at iNMSOL want to introduce you to this very important day, with all its main attractions and one of the most special events for Andalucía in recent years, which will take place in Seville.

Let’s take one step at a time and start with International World Heritage Day and Flamenco Day. Thanks to these events, Granada will literally be a party for everyone who wants to celebrate the cultural heritage of our city.

These days we celebrate the traditional days of puertas abiertas, in which you can visit various places in the Albaicín such as the Aljibe del Rey, las Casas del Chapiz, the Casa de Zafra and the iglesia del Monasterio de Santa Isabel La Real. 

In addition, the Granada Ciudad de Literatura Unesco program offers two free tours to the Paseo de los Poeta in the Carmen de los Mártires, in a journey through magical places and the verses of Spain’s best poets. We leave here the link to see the detailed program during the weekend.


International Flamenco Day

Since 2010, Flamenco is  a Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and November 16 is the day to commemorate it. With this in mind, people have organized an event: a simultaneous flash mob among the main provinces of the region. As for Granada, a show en el mirador de San Nicolás interpreted by Miguel Poveda and with the participation of Alicia Morales will take place. Don’t miss it!  

The idea behind this ‘flash mob’ is to celebrate the richness and beauty of Andalusian flamenco while promoting and at the same time preserving all its heritage.

Grammy Latinos 2023

As mentioned at the outset, another important event will take place this weekend that will put Spain and particularly Andalusia in the global spotlight. It is the Latin Grammys 2023, which for the first time in its 24-year history will be celebrated outside the United States.  

Awards will be given to the best artists in the Latin music scene, with the goal of consolidating the relationship between the two cultures. The Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Sevilla (FIBES) will be the epicenter of all official events. 

Among the award-winning artists it is worth mentioning flamenco singer-songwriter Carmen Linares, Andalusian nada in Linares (Jaén). Linares will participate in this edition to receive the Premio a la Excelencia Musical 2023 Latin Grammy. This award honors his lugna career and his contribution to flamenco and Latin culture in general. 

We greet you by sharing with you the flamenco video recorded in the Alhambra several weeks ago, especially for the presentation of the Latinos Grammys


We hope you will enjoy flamenco and music on these very special days.


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