According to the data offered by the representatives of the three organizing institutions, the Univesiade have been a huge media event thanks to the number of participants, the amount of international broadcast and the economic implications.

The mayor emphasized that the people involved in the manifestation with sport interests were 4.309, 540 of which were enrolled in the competitions as representative of 41 different countries, not mentioning the rest of the people with different interests such as the managers of the hotels and all the operators that has worked in the sport facilities.

21 hours of telecast on Teledeporte and 162 hours of international broadcast for a total of 45 million audiences have been the most significant data of the media impact yield by this event. Moreover the Univesiade app has been the second most downloaded among the sport apps for Androids. The 332.000 visits to the Univesiade website during the last 30 days give the idea of the importance of this event around the world.

José Torres Hurtado explained also that the investments made by the organizing institutions were more than 7 millions, 3 of which were spent to pay the FISU’s fee as the materials and technical personal required to celebrate the events. The other 4 millions were invested in the sport facilities, to buy the equipment for the volunteers and to pay the referees.  Despite the big investments the economic benefits, there was a 6 million economic benefit thanks to the hotel industry, the accommodations and the business services offered. 1.8 millions of this amount of money came from the accommodations, thanks to the participants’ 16.000 overnights.

The mayor concluded saying that the Univesiadegranada_2015 of Granada has been a success for each of the three organizing institutions and that this edition has been characterized by the absence of wastes and its incredible imagination.

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