Isabel Allende is a Chilean writer who has achieved a great success all over the world. She was born in Lima, Peru, in 1942. Some of the most famous books are The House of the Spirits and City of the Beasts. Her books are about her life and the histories of some women, she mixes together reality and myth.
When she was a child her father left her family and went away. Her mother decided to relocated with her three children to Chile and live in her father house in Santiago. Salvador Allende, her relative, helped a lot Isabel family until 1973 when he was killed during the Coup d’état. The house of the Spirits is set in the house where Isabel lived and it deals with the events of the Allende family.
In 1956 her mother got married with a diplomatic, because of that Isabel travelled a lot: Bolivia, Europe and Lebanon. These experiences have been very useful for the writer because she has got to know new worlds different from what she has always seen. When she went back to Chile she got married and had two children: Paula and Nicolas. Isabel decided to dedicate herself to journalism and after the Coup d’état in 1972 she moved to Caracas, Venezuela, until 1988.
 She divorced and then got married another time with William Gordon. For that she moved to San Rafael, in California, where she lives now. Her life is the inspiration for her novels. In My Invented Country she affirms that the book The Infinite Plan is about her husband William life. In 1991 her daughter got ill and after one year when she was 29 she died. In these years Isabel wrote stories of her daughter childhood and her autobiography. In 1995 she published Paula and in 1997 one book that contains all the letters of solidarity received from all over the world.
In these last year Isabel Allende has wrote a trilogy for teenagers which is dedicated to her grandnephews: City of the Beasts, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon and the last one Forest of the Pygmies. In 2006 she has token part to the 2006 Winter Olympics opening ceremony. In 2009 she has published The Island Beneath the Sea and in 2011 Maya’s Notebook.
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