August 2019: a group of italian students from Verona arrived in Granada on 18th August to improve the Spanish language in iNMSOL and enjoy the city and Andalusia. They left after just one week, on 25th August, but this experience we have lived together has been wonderful!

On Sunday they met the families where they had their accommodation and they soon became familiar with the area. During the week in the morning they had Spanish classes at our Institute, while in the afternoon we organized various interesting activities for them.

We’ll make a summary of their program.

Guided city walks

They went out to discover the city on Monday, taking a guided walk through the famous neighborhoods of Albaicín and Sacromonte. On Tuesday, they also made the graffiti route through the Realejo neighborhood. These graffiti are very characteristic of Granada, as there is a graffiti artist well known internationally: El Niño de las Pinturas (the Child of Paintings).


On Wednesday they went to visit the Alhambra, the most famous attraction of our beautiful city. Our teachers made a guided tour and explained the history behind this monument.

Of course we could not miss a beach day in Almuñécar with the heat that accompanies us throughout the summer to give them one of the funniest days here. After a free afternoon, on Saturday they visited Cordoba throughout the day, a city that is quite close to Granada and with a mixture of Arab, Christian and Jewish cultures.

Italian students in Cordoba

It was a week full of culture and activities with their own teachers and the teachers of our school, who got along very well. In addition the students took advantage of their stay with Spanish families, the local food and the Andalusian air that will always stay in their hearts. We had a hard time saying goodbye to them, but we hope they will come back again to continue with an even higher level.

Thanks to our italian students for coming, good luck everyone!