Every week in Plaza de las Tres Culturas, part of the Museum of historic memory of Andalusia, you can enjoy jazz concerts for free!
All live music sounds better… But especially jazz. Above all, if it can be accompanied by a drink, sitting near the stage… and if it’s summer and outdoors, in the open air, it’s the best.

CajaGRANADA proposes “Jazz in the square”:

every Thursday nights,  from July 11th to August 29th.
at 22.
Admission free while seats are available.

This thursday July, 25th, there will be “Avantbrass“.

This group offers a mixture of metal wind sounds with strong references to “avantgarde” music. A powerful rhythm basis consisting of drums, bass and tuba mixed with melodic sounds of trumpet, horn and trombone. The project is inspired by the figure of trumpeter Lester Bowie. Here we can find original compositions and arrangements that have been written exclusively for the training.
A mix between the sound of the first decades of jazz,some beats of the sixties avant-garde and unique interpretation of the trumpeter Padrós Pol.


  • Pol Padrós: trumpet
  • Iván González: horn
  • Josep Tutusaus: trombone
  • David Parras: tuba
  • Aleix Forts: double bass
  • Guillem Arnedo: drums


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